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How to Judge the Quality of a Foam Board

A foam board, also known as foam poster board or foam core, is in all simplicity, a backing material that is used extensively in the framing of art. It is a material that is similar in nature to Styrofoam and is covered on both sides with plastic or paper. It is used primarily in schools as a display unit for projects or in school fairs. They have other uses as well, like being used to make models of buildings or prototypes of new products. Foam boards are also referred to as foam poster boards because of their extensive use in art.

Many companies produce several types of foam boards but one company that stands out is Elmer’s. Elmer’s foam boards are known for their high quality and fair prices, and their range of products is quite extensive. However, while you can always depend on Elmer’s foam boards, you can never really be sure if the quality you are getting from some other foam board will be quite as good. If you want a high quality foam poster board like Elmer’s, you can check for several things which are outlined below.

Cleanliness Check 
While it seems a little irrelevant, one thing to check for is whether the foam board has four clean edges. It may not seem significant, but if the edges of a foam board are dirty, and you use it in an important presentation, the dirt factor will stand out and it will make you look unprofessional and careless.   

Foam Board

The Feel
The next thing that you should check out is how the foam board feels when you lift it up. Ideally, it should be quite lightweight and hence, easy to handle and carry. Instead a foam poster board should be light, and have a certain amount of rigidity so that it can resist effects of light pressure.  

The Surface
The next step is to assess how the surface of the foam board feels. If it is a good quality board, it will be evened out finely and will be smooth to the touch. Such a property of any foam board means that it almost definitely will be very receptive to any materials used on it, like water or oil-based paints, color pencils and markers etc. 

Thick and Thicker
Foam boards come in varying levels of thicknesses. However, foam boards need to be of a certain thickness to work to their optimum. If it is on the thinner side, there is a big chance that when you stick up objects on it with pins, the pin-end will poke out the other side of the board and cause any number of accidents. Good quality foam poster boards like Elmer’s foam boards will be at least 3/16 inches thick.  

Fold It You Will
Many foam boards are foldable to make elaborate presentations easier. In such cases, you should check to see how easily the foam board will fold. To check for quality, fold the board and check its width. Ideally it should be no more than 24 inches wide. 

The last thing you should check is to see whether a foam board is receptive to glue. Some boards are problematic this way. Elmer’s foam board white glue is a good product to use as a test.


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